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Creative reader
Av Creative reader - Onsdag 30 juni 12:00

  Music to my Heart   I've got my head in the clouds my feet on the ground my heart has turned me up side down   Life in the clouds I'm drifting away your soul plays my music you hold me, I'll stay   I've got my head...

Creative reader
Av Creative reader - Tisdag 29 juni 12:00

  The Seal   I wanted to tell you you didn't want to know so I put on a smile but it was only for show   My silence a scream The smile was a seal but the tears that was falling was pure but unseen   I'm just a shadow...

Creative reader
Av Creative reader - Måndag 28 juni 12:00

  The Future is Forgotten   living in a dream that monsters call home the future is forgotten deaths on the phone   a whisper a sigh a murderous mind a cry and a smile and no one asks why   Living for the end star...

Creative reader
Av Creative reader - Lördag 26 juni 12:00

  Dark Place   can you hear me when I'm calling? will you catch me when I'm falling? can you see me in my dark place? will you save me from my own fate?   #Lyrics #Twitter #Music ...

Creative reader
Av Creative reader - Onsdag 26 maj 12:00

  Live with a Stranger   I live with a stranger I walk on the edge the future is nowhere I'm up on a ledge   tomorrow's in danger and I feel so lost the music is playing I'm covered in rust   Where is my future wh...

Creative reader
Av Creative reader - 14 november 2020 12:00

  I should have told you     I should have told you that I Love you but I waited way too long now all that I have left are the empty words for this broken song   I can still feel you Your scent is everywhere I want to say ...

Av emelie - 1 november 2013 10:57

  #lyrics #musik 

Olivia Edin
Av Olivia Edin - 23 juli 2013 09:59

Här är den andra videon som har #lyrics #YouTube:     Lyrics:   Hey girl with the pretty hot polka dot bikini I don't want your number really, All I want is your DNA, Oh yeah! The way your fillin' up that sweater they don't make 'em...

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