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Av Ann - 24 juni 2015 11:50

Soo, here comes my 11th English blog post about my experiences in the Straightness Training Mastery course :) I haven´t been as visible as usual on the blog or on the Facebook last month. I have come to the conclusion in my Wheel of Mastery that I ...

Av Ann - 24 maj 2015 00:00

Yesterday, in last minute, I submitted my second ST Evaluation; Longeing Grade 1 (Time is running away from me nowadays. Maybe I should look at my Wheel of Mastery and try to master my time a little better ;) ) I have been working with Venus closer t...

Av Ann - 12 maj 2015 00:00

I have stayed on the ground last week preparing for the longe evaluation. Venus is better but still not quite ok in her back. She also has tensions in her right shoulder and I hope the work from the ground, the longework included, will help her to st...

Av Ann - 1 maj 2015 00:00

Have been sitting by the computer all morning watching the longeing videos in Home Study Course. I understand now that probably it´s in the longeing I can do most to improve Venus balance and our communication. Marijke talks about the importance of g...

Av Ann - 24 april 2015 00:00

So, now it´s done. I have submitted my first video, Groundwork Grade 1, for ST Evaluation. I don´t know if I´m very comfortable with being on YouTube but I guess I have to get used to it :)) It has been a very valuable learning experience to begin ...

Av Ann - 17 april 2015 00:00

I was told three weeks ago: "Venus is not moving over her back in the correct way". After having returned home and after having found the muscle rupture in her back I thought: "But of course, the injury explains everything! " But now, maybe it´s not ...

Av Ann - 10 april 2015 00:00

Unfortunately, Venus has had a bad back for the last two weeks. Something is really hurting and annoying her. I can see in her movements, in her yes and feel in my hand that something is wrong when I take her on the circle, especially to the left. Pe...

Av Ann - 27 mars 2015 00:00

So, now I have dived into module 2. Gosh, it´s a lot of information but it is so useful! ST Mastery really offers you a great system with tools. You learn how to master your thoughts, feelings and energy, You learn about observing and producing aids ...

Av Ann - 20 mars 2015 00:00

The three first assignments in ST Mastery are completed. Check! :) But of course I´m still processing the topics in my mind and I will for sure do so for a looong time. It pops up new insights every day and it´s really developing. I love it! :)   ...

Av Ann - 13 mars 2015 00:00

"Ah, interesting!" That will truly be my new catch-word :)  I joined ST Mastery wanting to help my horse Venus with her "spiritual" area. Well, already in the first assignment I understand what will probably be the biggest challenge for me personal...